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What is Unicorn Wellness
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Who are our members?
Anyone willing to anchor in the real practical tactics of intelligent movement, whole real foods, hydration, self-care, meditation and the tarot.
Anyone who wants a wellness community to call home.

Anyone who wants to get anchored in alignment, connection, and self-awareness.

Anyone who wants an elite personal trainer with them, wherever they are.

Anyone with chronic injuries, low back pain, hip or shoulder issues, or super tight hamstrings

Anyone with autoimmune diseases and disorders

Anyone who is busy and needs to set their own schedule.

Anyone looking for a tribe that is genuine, safe, and loving where privacy is always respected, and is always open.

Anyone looking to channel their inner unicorn.

Anyone who wants to learn how to work with their body rather than against it.

Anyone who wants to understand how to balance their hormones for optimal fitness & wellness results.

Post-natal mommas who are ready to reconnect with their bodies.

Anyone who wants to cultivate core strength and stability.

Anyone who wants to heal using food as medicine.

Anyone interested in gaining understanding of the Tarot.

Anyone looking to crack their personal food code.

Anyone curious about how to workout with the moon cycles to improve fitness & wellness results.

Anyone who wants to learn what self care really is.

Anyone looking for help integrating meditation into their lives.

Anyone who travels frequently.

Anyone looking to balance their body with equal strength, mobility and flexibility.

Anyone who wants to heal body, mind and spirit.
Get anchored in self-love, self-respect, and self-care.

Wellness is real and it's not as complicated nor as heavy as the world makes it seem.

I take the noise and confusion out of fitness and spiritual practice and alchemize them into wellness. As a member of The Unicorn Wellness Studio you will finally experience the difference between intelligent, calm, kind and empowered 30-minute Pilates and yoga based workouts that are cycled in tune with the seasons, the moons and functional fitness for more efficient and long term results.

You don't ever need to stress about which workout to pick. You're my client, I handle that, let me take care of you. All you ever have to do is log in to your account and Just Press Play.

Workouts with me are not random, arbitrary exercises. They are carefully crafted videos that offer positive change and healing for your body appropriate for all fitness levels.

I always teach a multi-level class where the goal is to meet yourself on the mat, do the best you can, leave the rest and continue to come back.

Repetition breeds mastery, you'll want to be on the mat 4-6xs a week to reap the best benefits.

If you're interested in the in depth details on how I program your workouts, please watch the video above. Training with me is truly magical and an experience that cannot be found anywhere else on the web.

As a member of the Unicorn Wellness Studio, we'll cover the facts of real life: medications, diagnosis, chronic issues, extra weight, tight muscles, funky parts, hydration, sleep or lack-there-of + everything in between that that needs to be looked at and understood in the scope of your best wellness.

I start with your heart. I've learned through 20 years of working with clients, members and myself that this is where true transformation occurs. Wellness that lasts a lifetime starts with your spirit, in self-love but requires real life practices to bring it into manifestation. So, that's where we work, from the practical to the magical.

Who is Tandy?

Internationally recognized wellness educator to celebrities, professional athletes, busy mommas, those suffering from autoimmune disorders, and chronic injury, Tandy and her husband Mateo pioneered the online wellness platform after she transitioned from Equinox Fitness as Regional Pilates Director of Southern California and launched her online studio in 2013.

Tandy's online wellness home has members in all 50 U.S. states and over 50 countries with a social reach of 7+ million. Tandy is the creator of the 30 Days to Better online courses, The Reset, her 41 day food adventure to crack your personal food code.
Tandy is also the author of The Unicorn Wellness Handbook, Everything you need to know about transforming your fitness & wellness through self-care and spiritual ritual. She is a busy momma of two boys, the step-mom to a third son, a tarot reader, intuitive psychic, thriving with three autoimmune diseases; Celiac, IBS and a thyroidectomy. She is a unicorn and believes in the magic of a life grounded on the mat, in the kitchen, anchored in spirit and through the cards.
Working with your body rather than against it is your divine birth right.
Your body is magical and deserves to be cared for.
When your body is loved and respected,
it responds in magnificent ways.
It heals. It strengthens.
It sheds unnecessary weight.
It loosens up. It finds balance.
... and you thrive!
Each one of us can experience the divine magic of our wellness through an anchor in spirt, a dash of magic and practical daily tactics.

The universe loves to be met halfway. When it sees and feels you putting balanced, healthy and loving effort towards you it responds in kind.

Unicorns symbolize infinite hope and unlimited potential. Invoke the power of your own inner unicorn.

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